Huon Pine Shampoo & Soap Dish

Huon Pine Shampoo & Soap Dish


Professor Fuzzworthy's Lifetime Shampoo & Soap Dish

Huon pine shampoo & soap bar dish will last a lifetime - several lifetimes as it does not rot! Perfect soap dish for Professor Fuzzworthy Beard Shampoos - fits one - two full size bars - Keeps your shampoo fresh and dry, looks classy, and will be with you forever...

  • Hand crafted from Tasmania’s unique, sweetly smelling, water-resistant Ancient rainforest Huon Timber
  • Sustainably harvested from waste timber from huon pine trees 2000 years old with natural resin in the wood that prevents soap saver from rotting
  • The wood is highly prized for its golden yellow color, fine grain, and natural oils that resisted rotting. The oils giving the timber its unique smell and preservative qualities is methyl eugenol
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Ingredients: 100% Huon Pine from Tasmania Australia