Bass Beard & Hair Grooming Comb

Bass Beard & Hair Grooming Comb


100% Natural Bamboo Wide Tooth Beard Grooming Comb

Professor Fuzzworthy's finest & favorite Beard & Hair Comb!

  • Stimulates healthy beard growth

  • Detangles knots and shapes beard

  • Use in shower to detangle beard

  • Use out of shower to detangle & shape

  • Anatomically contoured

  • 100% bamboo handle

  • Luxury Grade Finish

  • Travel Friendly !

  • Stimulate more rapid, healthy hair growth

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The World’s Finest Beard Comb For Facial Hair

For nearly 40 years, Bass has created luxury grade brushes and combs with an emphasis on natural materials. They've always had a special focus on Barbering and Men’s products so they've created a truly exceptional Beard Comb. This wide toothed comb is the ultimate tool for those whose beard or hair need a bit more detangling and shaping in your grooming routine. 

Did you know? 
Bamboo is one of the most sustainable and renewable natural resources on the planet. With a compressive strength higher than wood, steel, and concrete, and a unique tensile strength that rivals that of steel… Some bamboo can grow up to 3 feet in a 24 hour period; that's 1 inch every 40 minutes!

  • Simply wet beard, work Beard Shampoo Bar through using fingers to create a rich lather and run through hair thoroughly. Rinse well and repeat if desired. Can be used on head and body for a simple cleansing & grooming routine.

  • Use Beard Massager Shampoo Brush on wet hair to lather shampoo in beard OR on dry beard to stimulate hair follicles, making beard full and encouraging beard growth!

  • Follow with our Beard Conditioner for detangling and a deep conditioning treatment.

  • Use Bass Beard Comb in shower to detangle or when dry.

  • Finish off with Gentleman's Beard Balm Gloss once beard is dry for shape, conditioning & shine.

  • Use Bass Beard Brush once beard is dry to spread beard balm or brush & detangle for a full healthy beard. Beard brushing stimulates hair growth!