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Earth Friendly & 100% Cruelty Free

The Professor Fuzzworthy & Beauty and the bees philosophy is to harvest, create and provide purely natural products, without chemicals, animal tested ingredients or products, plastic or hype… done with care since 1993.

Here is how we care for you and the environment:

Our products, and importantly all ingredients, are virtually all edible or foods, tested only on humans (not animals) and have been since people began using these natural ingredients to care for their bodies.

We support wherever possible local producers, small raw material supply businesses.

We do not use synthetics. We use no petrochemicals, harsh chemical scents or chemical preservatives, so that you can be absolutely sure that no animal has suffered to produce your product. Herbs and honey have been used by humans for centuries without the harmful side effects increasingly evident in today’s chemical-laden world.

We ourselves only use earth friendly packaging – with plastics used only as a very last resort if we cannot obtain a glass, paper or tin alternative container.

Recent research has shown that the use of phthalates (a chemical softening agent) implicated as an endocrine system disruptor in the manufacture of plastics can leach into oil based contents. Plastic is also the number one environmental pollution curse. Beauty and the bees do not use plastic containers except for bottle caps and inserts, where we have no choice. Packaging is in amber glass (not plastic) and we use recycled paper materials/boxes.


We proudly produce the cardboard that is used for packing your orders in-house with our own shredder (we call him Hal 9000) from cardboard generated by ourselves and other small business : repurposing waste that would have otherwise gone to landfill. 

Yay for the environment! We ask you to add to your own recycling bin or repurpose again for gift wrap etc:…we think it’s kinda pretty!

And yes, all other packing materials are biodegradable including cornstarch spoons ( included with creams) and bubbles are recycled (again from other small businesses so they get a second use) edible cornstarch or wheat.

Feed them to your chickens if you have them! 

  • Where bags are required ( for free samples of soaps, etc in mail orders) we use biodegradable cellophane bags, and only kraft recycled paper bags in store.
  • We use only recycled/earth friendly shipping materials to pack mail orders - aside from USPS required shipping boxes.
  • Packing boxes are all recycled Kraft card. 
  • The spoons/spatulas provided with our moisture creams are not plastic but also biodegradable made of cornstarch.

We use only recyclable clear or brown glass where necessary to prevent light damage to the vitamin-rich contents.

Where possible we use only recycled paper pulp packaging/printed matter

All our products are handmade in a chemical and detergent - free environment.

As a small, environmentally sensitive, local producer we do not create mega factory waste.  We recycle wherever possible. Our original store in Bellerive was built entirely from re-cycled materials from a local Resource and Waste Management Co-operative.






B&B soaps.jpg


Handmade Solid Shampoo Bars


Shampoo Bars are especially formulated with additional super fatty & nourishing ingredients (unlike in a soap) such as castor oil that are especially good for different hair types and skin types, giving Shampoo Bars  a slightly softer texture and a freer flowing bubbly lather which penetrates the mass of hair and beard effectively. Our Shampoo Bars are 100% natural and the ingredients have been chosen to be more suited to specific hair & skin types and for their cleansing, nourishing and moisturizing properties. The amount of extra oil in the  Shampoo Bars varies depending on whether it has been formulated for dry, normal or oily skin beard or hair. 


Castor oil (Ricinus communis) is extracted from the seeds of the castor bean plant. As a humectant, castor oil attracts and assists in moisture retention in skin and hair. High amounts of ricin oleic acid (an unsaturated omega-9 fatty acid) in the castor oil stimulate and increase the growth of the hair, prevent and/or reduce breakage and conditioning & moisturizing for the beard and facial skin & the scalp and the hair. It also contributes to the rich frothy lather that comes with shampooing your beard & hair.

Coconut oil assists in gently cleansing the beard & skin as well as the scalp and hair because it has good surfactant properties. It is rich in lauric acid and can decrease protein loss producing healthier hair and increased growth.



  • A solid old-fashioned totally concentrated bar with minimal water content that is able to produce a rich frothy lather to cleanse your scalp and hair.
  • Always 100% All Natural and Chemical Free!
  • Bio-degradable and eco-friendly!
  • Ethically handmade in small batches!
  • Colored naturally by the waxes, spices, herbs and essential oils that are used to hand make it.
  • Gentle enough to use every day because it DOES NOT strip hair (which is a problem with detergent-based commercial shampoos) but moisturizes and cleanses naturally.
  • Formulated to contain natural ingredients that have been shown to work well with specific beard hair and skin types. 

It does NOT contain:

  • Synthetic antioxidants
  • Optical brighteners
  • Maturing stabilizers
  • Hardeners
  • Sodium lauryl sulphate – SLS (synthetic lathering agent/detergent)
  • Animal products
  • Palm oil
  • Urea, formaldehyde or DEA
  • Artificial fragrance, colour, preservatives, or detergents



Real Beer_Shampoo Bar.png






Gentleman's beard care kit beard brush square.jpg





Unique products from a unique resource - the wild island of Tasmania, Australia.

Tasmania has some of the world’s last remaining, most pristine and ancient rainforest, and has the cleanest air and water on earth.




These ingredients are bought raw and unprocessed (not bleached with peroxides as in mainstream commercial products!) direct from the hive. Made from flower nectar, these uncontaminated, organic gifts from nature have been produced by bees for over 220 million years, and used by man for millennia for their powerful healing properties. Containing many useful trace elements, they are valued in skincare for their natural wound healing, soothing, emollient, softening, protective and moisturizing qualities, as they nourish and gently ‘polishing’ the skin. The color and aroma of the products – like fine wine – directly reflects the varying seasons of the year and resultant differences in the wax and honey. Honey is increasingly being recognized as a potent wound healer with research under way world wide.


The Leatherwood tree (Eucryphia lucida) – an understorey rainforest tree.

It is the single most important nectar plant for bees in Tasmania accounting for about 70% of all honey produced taking over 70 years to grow to nectar bearing maturity.

Unfortunately under threat by rapacious logging-it is only found in these temperate rainforests, and gives us -the purest and rarest honey and beeswax in the world…

The unique, mystic and intrinsic qualities of Tasmania’s golden, exquisite aromatic Leatherwood honey have been compared to the single malt whiskies of Scotland with it’s intense, floral, complex aromatic flavor and aroma with an enviable reputation as a fine gourmet product exported to, and beloved by, connoisseurs worldwide.

Bee harvesting from Leatherwood flower

It has been described by one of our leading beekeepers as “a distillate of our ancient wilderness” and when you warm a little of our unscented moisture cream between your hands you can actually breathe in the smell of the rainforest.

Quietly created by honeybees, during spring and summer, when our beekeepers transport hives into the forests of the World Heritage areas in the West and south of the state.


honey bees apiary.jpg

R. Stephens beekeepers unique railway loco carriage loaded up going in to Teepookana

In a unique practical partnership to access this remote World Heritage area, have built special rail carriages built that will carry their trucks, with their hives and honey on the world famous ABT funicular railway to Teepookana via Strahan, built by pioneers through truly awe inspiring ( and backbreaking) terrain over 100 years ago.

In a unique practical partnership to access this remote World Heritage area at Teepookana, behind Strahan on Tasmania’s wild west coast, which has no road access, the Stephens family from Mole Creek have built special flatbed rail carriages that will carry their trucks.

On West Coast Wilderness railway, entering Teepookana

They go in, with their hives, and on a later trip, harvest the honey and return, on the world famous ABT funicular railway –now called the West Coast Wilderness Railway built by pioneers through truly awe inspiring ( and backbreaking ) terrain over 100 years ago.

Amid the fragrant blossoming leatherwoods, the bees turn the abundant nectar from these flowers into a heavenly-tasting and uniquely fragrant Tasmanian honey.

train tasmania.jpg

lake burbury.jpg

Lake Burbury in World Heritage area where hives are situated

The precious beeswax and honey are brought raw and unprocessed (not chemically bleached, deodorized and palletized as for commercial skincare) direct from the hive to our factory to be gently melted at very low temperature and cleaned by filtering, then incorporated into our all our handmade formulae.

The healing and antibacterial properties of beeswax and honey are legendary and we hope that this will shortly be confirmed by research being undertaken at the University of Tasmania.


Handmade Tasmanian Herb & Honey Soaps & Scrubs

125g approx. hand cut bar



The ingredient list on our shampoo bars may seem similar to a soap, but they are different !

We use a completely different formulation for shampoo bars that are specific to beard, hair and scalp, while our soaps & scrubs are designed specifically for the skin and vary in skin types - dry, oily, sensitive, acne prone, etc.


Anyone! Especially good for people with sensitive skin and babies. 


Our handmade gourmet soaps & scrubs are completely unique. Many clients have described them as simply the ‘best in the world- the finest quality they have ever used’.

This is because we use a low heat (cold pour process) with mountain spring water that retains a large percentage of precious (expensive!) vitamin rich nut and plant oils included just before the batch is poured. These are not consumed in the saponification process leaving them in the soap to superfat them – moisturise and condition the skin beautifully. Our luxurious long-lasting gentle moisturising soap with only pure natural plant (coconut, olive) and essential oils, flowers, herbs, Tasmanian milk and bio-dynamic cream, plant oils, fruit, clays, seaweeds, green tea, nutmeal, herbs and fruit …. these botanicals create the delicious smells, textures and colours.

Rediscover the pleasure of silky, creamy moisturising delicately scented lather. These gourmet soaps can only be produced in small batches and are made in limited quantity.

We use no artificial colors. Our soap colors and in some cases textures are created ONLY by the herbs, essential oils/spices (cocoa, paprika, saffron, etc.), fruit and fruit peel, seeds (annatto), vegetables (spinach), roots (madder, turmeric) used in each different variety.

IMPORTANT: Unlike commercial soap manufacturers,we do NOT use:

  • synthetic colouring agents
  • synthetic antioxidants
  • optical brighteners
  • maturing stabilisers
  • titanium dioxide
  • lathering agents or
  • animal products.

LYE: True Soap cannot be made without lye (caustic soda, a manufactured simple salt) which is the catalyst for the saponification process, but it is all used up IN that process, none remains in the final bar.

Our soaps are totally bio-degradable and eco-friendly.

Please Note:

The face/body soaps contain a higher percentage of intense aromatic oils. They are suitable for most people to use on the face as well as the body.

Body scrub soaps with additional seeds or exfoliating agents are only suitable for the body as they are designed to assist body exfoliation and are too rough for the face.